Thursday, August 19, 2010

Catching up again... a year full of firsts

Yes... it has been a year since I last posted, but between school, work, babysitting, marraige, and pregnancy there hasn't been much time. Since I do have somewhat of a break I will take a second to try to recap this past year. But I don't really want to try to put all the pictures in order, so I will just start with my favorite, Baby Zeke...

They told us at the hospital that we couldn't cut his nails for three weeks, so we put these mittens on his hands because he kept attacking his face...he hated them

We took baby Zeke on a walk to Adventure Learning Park, he loves being outside
Baby Zeke with his amazing daddy

Kaleb and Curtis
Zeke was visited by all his aunts, uncles and cousins. Alicia and Lola are in this picture.
Our happy family
Zeke and cousin Lola are one month apart and don't look much different

Our first born...Ezekiel Kevin Dearing 'Zeke'. He was 7lbs 11oz and 19in long
Induction day!
Family camping trip at Strawberry Lake for Kalebs birthday
More hiking and exploring

We went to the Dinosouar Museum and this was one of Josh's favorite things there.

Date night at the mini Golf coarse

Our first time to the Tulip Festivil
On our way down this baby fox came right up to us looking for food
Hiking up Hoarse Tail Falls

Josh went cross country skiing with his dad and brother

Our first Christmas morning opening presants

We went sledding with Josh's family on Chrismas Eve. It was a blast until Josh got a concussion... Then we spent a good portion of our night in the Emergency room, so this is a double first, our first Christmas Eve and our first Hospital visit. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.
Our first trip to the Christmas lights on Temple Square
Riding in the back of the truck down the mountain to the main road after getting out Christmas tree. A tradition for me, but a first for Josh.

Our first christmas tree

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Since I plan on printing this blog off some day, I wanted to get our summer happenings in it. So get comfy... this is the longest post that you've ever seen!
Josh and I reenacted one of our first dates this summer, and hit classic skating. It was fun.
We went with Elycia and Chip who were with us the first time around and are now married also.
Josh and I went to Manti for a little summer vacation before summer school started. we went fishing and caught a total of eight fish.
While we were in Manti we went to the Manti Pageant. That's the first time I've ever been, It was super late but the weather was awesome and I had so much fun.
Josh is a cowboy at heart so we went to the Lehi Rodeo with his family.
One of our favorite pass times is boating. We went a lot this summer, i even learned how to wake board.
I had to put this picture on here... this is Josh's typical wake boarding face.
We got free tickets from Josh's work to go to Stadium Of Fire. This was another first for me this summer. It was tons of fun!
We went to two Temple open houses this summer... see if you can guess what one this is ( because I can't).
We went to the zoo to watch my niece sing and dance. It was so HOT but loaded with entertainment.
Another reenactment, the secondhand serenade concert was where Josh and I went on our second date. Can you tell Josh is tired ( look at his eyes, the right one is crossed, that happens a lot when he's tired)
Since we're both from highland the highland fling is a must.
Josh and I took Aspen and Chase fishing.
On one of our boating trips we took Chase. It was kind of stormy that day and chase was more than freaked out. He wanted to go home but we bribed him to stay with a camping trip. so this is us being true to out word.
Since my Dad has one son who lives out of state he decided to borrow his son-in-law and grandson for his ward fathers and sons camping trip
Josh got a little board one Sunday while waiting for me to get ready for church and decided to try his hand at photography. He was feeling very artistic... what do you think?
This was my parents birthday/anniversary/ going away party. We took them to dinner first then tried to beat them back home to surprise them with cake, ice cream, and presents.

For those of you still Reading... YOUR FABULOUS!